The kitchen, designed simply for cooking, has become what seems to be the most important room in the house. It is not simply for cooking up a meal. An incredible amount of living happens in the kitchen. Whether small or large, it plays a huge role in our daily lives. To many buyers, the kitchen can make or break the deal. You don't have to entirely overhaul your kitchen to make it attractive to buyers. There are small things that can be done to enhance the entire room and flaunt all that your kitchen has to offer. Below you will find our favorite ways to stage your kitchen. Once you get started, you will likely find you already have everything you need to turn your cooking space into a buyer's dream kitchen! 

1. Clean-up

If you've read our previous blogs on staging, you know that cleaning up and getting organized is the first step to staging any room. Prepping your kitchen for staging is a whole new ball game. This is one area of the home you really want to shine -- literally! Take the time to deep clean the entire kitchen. Leave behind no food or grease residue. Clear off the counters as much as you can. Consider storing small appliances like toasters and coffeepots elsewhere for showings. Put away the soap and sponges as well. Scrub the sink, countertops, walls, floor, and appliances. You want the kitchen looking pristine when buyers walk in.

 2. Organize

If you're living in your home while it's on the market, of course you're going to have food in the kitchen. That is completely acceptable! Do your best to keep the cupboards and pantry organized. Buyers will likely open cupboards to check out the storage space. Showcase the space by keeping food items tidy and organized. The same goes for the fridge. Make sure there is no spoiled food hiding in there. Frequently wipe it down to make it shine. Keep your space ready for those last-minute showings.

3. Accessorize

Now that your kitchen is beaming, put out some accessories that one would expect to see in the kitchen. The options are just about endless here; we often see bowls of fruit, decorative canisters, a cookbook on display, a small plant, or a bottle of wine next to a couple of glasses. Choose simple, sleek items that complement the overall style of the kitchen. Your goal here is to draw attention to the best areas of the kitchen, while not distracting from the space available.

 4. Set the Bar

If you have a breakfast bar, show it off! This is an awesome feature you don't want buyers to miss. Place a pair of bar stools beneath the bar and create a place setting for each. Go all out here with a place mat, plate charger, plate, bowl, and silverware! If really want to get fancy with it, throw a piece of fruit or a cloth napkin in the mix. With these place settings, you can't do too much! Do what you can to make sure the breakfast bar isn't overlooked.

5. Emphasize the Dining Area

If you have an eat-in kitchen, choose a size appropriate table for the space. You will want to emphasize the dining area without creating a cramped kitchen. If you have a separate dining area, a larger set of tables and chairs works great. Create a place setting for each chair as described above. Tie it all together by placing a decorative vase or plant in the center. If space allows and it makes sense, you might complete the look by hanging a print or two on the wall.

Home staging is a fantastic way to get buyers inside your home. Statistics show that staged homes are more appealing to buyers and typically spend less time on the market. If you're feeling too busy to take on staging your home, there are a number of local designers who can help. If you have questions about home staging professionals, what it takes to sell, or the local market, give us a call! Our team is always happy to chat and answer your questions!