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May 15, 2018

Colorado Springs Events You Don't Want to Miss

If you're looking for something to do, look no further than the Colorado Springs' event calendar! Below are just a few of the upcoming events this amazing city has to offer. Be sure to check out a handful ofthese. You wont regret it!


Old Colorado City First Friday Artwalk

Check out the amazing art featured the first Friday of every month. First Friday runs April through December, 5:00pm - 8:00pm. This free event takes place on West Colorado Avenue between 23rd and 27th Street.





Territory Days

Head over to the west side May 25th-28th between 10:00am and 6:00pm. Territory days is an annual street festival that runs along Colorado Avenue in Old Colorado City. It is host to nearly 200 booths and offers live music, food, and more. This is a free event.


Meadowgrass Music Festival

This Memorial Day music festival will be held in Black Forest at LaForet Conference & Retreat Center May 25th-27th. This year will feature over 20 bands, beer tasting, food, and family-friendly activities. Get the details here.



Manitou Springs Wine Festival

June 2nd, Memorial Park will be hosting the Manitou Springs Wine Festival between 11:00am - 5:00pm. Taste amazing wines while enjoying live entertainment and a number of vendors. Click here for ticket information.


Top of the World Rodeo

The Cripple Creek Rodeo takes place June 8th - 10th at the Teller County Fairgrounds (501 West Golden Teller County Road 1 Cripple Creek, CO 80813). Go for the rodeo, stay for the dancing, cook-off, and mutton busting! Ticket information is available here.




Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack

Head to the Colorado Springs airport June 16th - 17th between 9:00am - 5:00pm for an action packed day of street car races. Check out their website for details, rules, and ticket information.


Starlight Spectacular

Hosted by the Trails and Open Space Coalition, this bicycle ride takes place June 16th at Garden of the Gods. The ride starts at 9:00pm and ends just before midnight. Grab your bike and check it out! 


Donkey Derby Days

June 22nd - 24th, head to downtown Cripple Creek for this free event. Donkey Derby Days is rich in history, donkies, games, and more!





Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

This annual "Race to the Clouds" takes place the last Sunday in June (this year it falls on June 24th). Check out their website for more details on this motorsport race to the summit of Pikes Peak.


Royal Gorge White Water Festival

June 22nd - 23rd, Centennial Park in Canon City will host this thrilling weekend of amazing water sports, delicious food, unique vendors, and fun for the entire family. The cost is free.


All information gathered from the Visit Colorado Springs website. Check them out for everything you need to know about Colorado Springs!

May 11, 2018

Tips For Keeping Houseplants Happy in Colorado’s Climate

 A houseplant is a houseplant is the general rule of thought but plants that flourish in Florida may not have the same happiness here in the Rocky’s. The dry altitude in homes here may wreak havoc on transplanted plants. A few tips from the team at Solid Rock Realty will help your houseplants love Colorado as much as we do!




     Thick, waxy leaf plants that retain and store moisture are a great go to.

Palms, ferns and wispy plants tend to struggle in the dry air and will leave you feeling let down.


Most houseplants prefer indirect light but thrive near a sunny window so find a home for it close to a window.

If you don’t get much outside light inside then make sure and talk to a professional about which kinds of plants need little light.


One watering every five to seven days is an excellent rule of thumb for most houseplants but if your plant has extra thick leaves you can most likely water a little less frequently.

Don’t overwater. Overwatering can be worse than under watering. If it’s looking unhealthy and doesn’t have the perk it usually does, cut back on watering until you know it’s actually thirsty.

Don’t underwater either. Try making a regular routine of watering to keep you from forgetting to water on a regular basis. If your plant is stunted or looks stressed, a drink of water may be in order.


Your houseplants bring beauty, health, and liven up your home so make sure and love them back. Keep them well cared for and they will bring your family lots of joy!


May 9, 2018

10 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

If you're a seasoned homeowner, you likely have a hearty collection of tools. The collection matures over the years and, in time, you find yourself ready for any house-related woe. As a new homeowner, you may not even think about tools until the very second you find yourself in a dire situation without a single promising apparatus. Deciding what tools are most practical and which ones will serve you best isn't always easy. If you want to begin building a solid tool collection but are not sure where to start, check out our list below. These are some of the tools we think every homeowner should have!

1. Basic Tool Box

In your basic, store bought tool box, you will find just about everything you need for fixes around the house. You really can't go wrong with a hammer, some screwdrivers, wrenches, a tape measure, and a few allen wrenches. Sold at most retail stores, your basic tool set is the perfect tool starting point.


2. Drill Set

Invest in a good drill set for all your hanging, hole-making, and DIY ventures. Unless you manage to hurt yourself, you will never regret having a drill on hand.

3. Stud Finder

When you're hanging something on the wall, particularly something on the heavy side, don't guess. Find those studs and secure it to the wall with confidence! Stud finders are an easy way to find the studs in your walls, and they can be purchased for under ten bucks.

3. Extension Cord

This is an easy one to forget about. Have at least one or two extension cords laying around for when you need them to hang lights or vacuum out your car. Having a power strip available is never a bad idea either. Outlets are not always where you need them to be. Arm yourself with enough cords and power strips to make things happen!

4. Lawnmower

When going from renting to owning a home, the first tool you may find yourself in need of is a lawnmower. Keep your yard looking healthy and attractive with proper maintenance. This is especially important if you're living within a homeowner's association. Lawnmowers can be costly, which is why we think there is nothing wrong with checking out garage sales and Craigslist.

5. Step Stool / Ladder

As long as homes have high parts, homeowners will find needs for step stools and ladders. Do yourself a favor and add one or two of these to your Tools To Get list.

6. Flashlight

Keep a few flashlights and batteries stashed for need-to-see emergencies. Cell phone flashlights are convenient, but they eat up your phone battery which, in a power outage, you probably don't want. Not to mention flashlights are designed for holing like a flashlight.



7. Heavy Duty Pruner

Be prepared to cut back overgrowth with a pair of heavy duty trimmers. These are awesome for gardening and general outdoor maintenance. Using a pair of capable pruners definitely beats trying to break unwanted twigs off trees.

8. Plunger

The need for a plunger goes without explanation.

9. Wheelbarrow

Adding a wheelbarrow to your tool stockpile will amp up your lawn care game. Haul anything (well, maybe not anything) anywhere! Wheelbarrows make gardening and lawn cleanup a breeze! You can even use wheelbarrows to transport things too heavy to carry. What's not to love about a wheelbarrow?


10. WD40

WD40 is arguably the most popular penetrating oil out there. Keep some on hand to stop squeaks, unstick the stuck, and displace moisture. Reader's Digest offers up over fifty uses for WD40. A product so versatile is a homeowner must have. 


It's probably not necessary to go out and buy all of the above at once, but picking up these tools here and there will better prepare you for the inevitable sticky situations homeowners find themselves in. Once you have all the basics covered, move on to more adventurous tools like pressure washers, hacksaws, and electric sanders. In time, you and your tool belt will be unstoppable!


May 8, 2018

Getting Your Patio Summer-Ready

With the gorgeous sunshine we've been getting, there is absolutely no denying that spring has sprung! It's even starting to feel like summer out there, and we are not mad about it. These warms seasons make for an abundance of sunshine and precious outdoor play. Check out the tips below to spruce up your patio and have it summer-ready in no time!



1. Add Curtains

This may sound odd, but adding curtains to your patio will create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space to gather. If you have a covered patio or a place to install them, hang curtains with a bold pattern. Don't shy away from the more daring colors and prints. Summer is the time of year for color!

2. Add a Coffee Table

Patio furniture, as lovely as it is, can be quite expensive. Taking a DIY approach to this is a fun and inexpensive way to spruce up your outdoor eating and drinking area. Shop around second-hand stores for a used coffee table, sand it down, and throw a fresh coat of paint on it. Choose a color that will complement both the season and any furniture already on your patio.

3. Hang Lights

Lights are perhaps the fastest way to liven up your patio! Hang a set of lights around the seating area, and you'll be ready to grill into the evening!


4. Install a Fire Pit

Nothing says summer like sitting around a fire with friends. There are a variety of patio-friendly fire pits available for purchase at most hardware stores. If you have the time and are feeling crafty, consider building your own pit. Before striking the match, take note of current city regulations regarding burning.

5. Show off Potted Plants

Get yourself in the summer mood with outdoor plants! Put out a variety of potted plants. You really can't go wrong here! Having different breeds and sizes will make things interesting and awe your guests. Consider making use of brightly colored pots. The splash of color will make your patio pop!


Remember that, when prepping your patio for summer use, you can't over clean it. Remove all signs of winter, storm debris, and tools. Once you have it looking spiffy, keep it swept and ready for action! If you're considering selling your home this spring, sprucing up the patio is a great way to prep for the market. If you find yourself wondering what your home is worth, check out our free property valuation page or give us a call!

April 18, 2018

10 Ways to Protect Your Home

Unfortunately, theft is something we are sometimes forced to think about. Of course, material things can be replaced or even gone without, but that doesn't always make us feel better. The emotional aspect is sometimes worse than the loss. Knowing someone broke into your home and helped themselves to your belongings is a shocking violation of privacy. It can be hard to shake. Perhaps the worst thing a burglar can take from you is your peace of mind. Protect your peace of mind by protecting your home. There are a number of ways to amp up home security, many of which are surprisingly affordable! Read through the tips below to find out how to start deterring and preventing theft.


1. Wireless Alarms

Battery operated alarms are a great deterrent when it comes to theft. They by no means detect breaking glass or alert the authorities, but they do create a loud sound that is likely to send a burglar running. These types of alarms are inexpensive, easy to install, and can be found at most hardware stores. Install them on doors and windows to add a little extra security. When the window or door is opened, the alarm will sound. On a similar note, leaving the radio on while you're out is not a bad idea. If they think there is a chance someone is home, a thief is more apt to move on.

2. Motion Detector Lights

Install motion detecting lights to shine a light on any potential hiding spots. If a thief is attempting a break in and they set off a light, they are likely to flee. If wiring is an issue, check out solar-powered options.

3. Hidden Goods

When you're not home, keep your curtains closed. Don't temp potential thieves by showing off your valuables. Avoid putting computers, tv's, and the like directly in front of windows. On that same note, if you have recently purchased an expensive new toy, wait until trash day to throw the boxes out. Don't advertise to anyone outside what you have inside your home.

4. Patio Door Locks

The locks on sliding glass doors are somewhat easy to break. A common fix is to place a hearty stick or broom handle in the track. While this does usually do the trick, it's not always the most favorable option. If you don't like the look of the stick or like having to remove it each time you go out, check out patio door locks. They install on the track and lock the door in place.

5. Garage Door Openers

These handy little devices are an easy way into your home, especially since so many of us don't lock the door from the garage to the house. To err on the side of caution, avoid leaving your garage opener in your car. If someone breaks into your car and grabs it, they can easily find your home address on the car registration. It's not worth the risk. Consider keeping it with you or getting a key chain version.

6. Security Mailboxes

Security mailboxes are awesome! Mail can be dropped in but cannot be accessed without a key. It's as simple as that!


7. Hidden Spare Keys

Hiding a spare key on your property is risky business. Instead of tucking it under a rock or sticking in a planter, use a lock box. Small lock boxes can be found at most hardware stores or even bought online. Use heavy duty screws to install one on a fence post or on your deck. You'll have a key for emergencies without the risk of a break-in.


 8. Social Media & Vacations

Blowing up social media is a fun way to show your friends and family how much of a blast you're having on vacation. Unless you have a house-sitter, it may be best to have your fun and brag later. Even if you're up on your privacy settings, checking in and hashtagging from far, far away can let a lot of people know you're not home.

8.1 Bonus Vacation Tip

Before you go out of town, turn off all your garage door openers. "Lock" your garage door with a padlock. Simply hang a padlock along the track above one of the rollers. If there's no good place to hang the lock, drill a small hole in the track to loop it through. If someone manages to break in, the lock will stop the door on the track.


9. A Tidy Yard

Keeping a tidy yard certainly enhances your curb appeal; t's also an indication that someone is home daily. If you're going on vacation, ask a friend to mow your lawn or sweep the walk. Overgrown shrubs and tall grass send a message that you're not home and you haven't been for a while (even if it's not true).


10. Friendly Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors is an awesome way to ensure your home is being looked after. If your friendly neighbor sees someone crouched outside your basement window, they're not likely to ignore it. Introduce yourself to the people in your neighborhood, and have each other's backs. Plus, you never know when you'll need to borrow some milk!


There is no need for constant worry, but occasionally checking your home security systems is a good practice. Anything could deter a thief, and why not do what you can to keep them at bay? Take the steps to protect your home and protect your peace of mind. Comment below and tell us about your favorite security tricks!

March 21, 2018

6 Spring Cleaning Tricks

Spring is quite possibly one of Colorado Springs' most exciting seasons. It is a time of new life, vibrant colors, and welcomed days of sunshine. Get into the spring spirit by bringing some new life into your home. There's no better way than with some good ol' fashioned spring cleaning! Maximize your home's potential by showcasing its perks. Dig deep into the depths of your closets and crawl spaces. Look all the way back into your pantry. Dust even the highest shelf that no one can reach. We think there is something therapeutic that comes along with the annual spring cleaning. Whether you agree or disagree, these cleaning tricks can help make your purge a little easier. 

1. Microfiber Towels

Microfiber is a game changer, especially when it comes to cleaning blinds. Use a dry microfiber towel to easily remove dust from your blinds. The dust clings to the cloth rather than flying out into the air. Try these magic little towels out on the walls too. It doesn't end there! They're great for wet or dry mopping. Have a spill? Save your paper towels, and grab a microfiber cloth! These bad boys will have it cleaned up in no time. Keep microfiber towels on hand for when you need them. Like we said, game changer.

2. Newspaper

Use dry newspaper and an alcohol-based solution to clean glass surfaces. The combo will cut grease and eliminate streaks. According to this article, newspaper is made of up rigid fibers, making it the perfect glass-cleaning utensil. Try it on your windows and mirrors if you have extra newspaper laying around.

3. Kool-Aid

Sprinkle a packet of lemonade flavored Kool-Aid into your toilet and take a scrub brush to it. The acid in the Kool-Aid will loosen any buildup and get rid of that toilet ring we all loathe. The same trick can be used on your dishwasher. Add the Kool-Aid to the washer and run an empty cycle. Clean with Kool-Aid and, just like that, mildew is gone!

4. Homemade Carpet Powder

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or a tablespoon of cinnamon powder to about a cup of baking soda. Sprinkle this mixture on your carpet and let it sit up to an hour. When you vacuum your carpet, the baking soda will help clean and the oil or cinnamon will leave behind a nice aroma.

5. Dryer Sheets

If you have a dryer sheet handy, there is almost nothing you can't do! Use them to scrub grime off of faucets, mirrors, shower doors, toilets, or even pots and pans. If your dish has a particularly tough stain, soak a dryer sheet in it overnight. It will be much easier to scrub the next day. Remove pet hair from furniture by wiping it down with a dryer sheet or dust your tv and computer screens with it. The possibilities are nearly endless!


6. Windows

Quite possibly the best thing you can do to amp up your spring-cleaning game is open your windows! Let in all the fresh air you can. There is nothing quite like a home filled with fresh spring air!

When it comes to spring cleaning, you really cannot go wrong. When in doubt, throw it out! Or, at least, find a better place for it while you decide if you want to keep it. There's no feeling like ridding your home of clutter and unused trinkets. Get organized and make better use of your home's space. You may not enjoy the process, but you wont regret getting your home into shape!


March 7, 2018

7 Things Every Homeowner Should Know

As a homeowner, you are likely to find yourself taking on tasks you never imagined doing. Owning a home can feel like a lot of work and, at times, may seem a little daunting. There may be days when it is best to call in a professional, but there are a lot of things we are confident you can tackle yourself. If you arm yourself with the proper skill set and aren't afraid to learn as you go, you may surprise yourself! Keep reading to find out what every homeowner should know how to do!

1. Replace Furnace Filters

Filters keep dust, hair, and other particles out of the air you breathe. Eventually, these filters become too clogged to properly do their job. Replacing them every 1-2 months is a good way to ensure the air being pumped into your home is clean. Proper and timely replacement of furnace filters will also increase the life of your furnace. A healthy furnace runs efficiently and saves money on your energy bill. 

2. Shutoff Main Water Valve

Water damage is a home's worst enemy. It is important to know where your water shutoff valve is located so that, in an emergency, you can cut the water supply to your home. It is typically located in the basement or in a utility area. Knowing where this is and acting quickly can save you thousands of dollars in water damage. It is a good practice to shut off the main water valve if you're going on vacation for a few days. It's better to take precautions than come home to a flooded basement.

Bonus tip: If you come home to flooding in your home, be sure you shut off the water supply before calling a plumber. Remove the water however you can, and get the area dry as quickly as possible to avoid mold and water damage.

3. Utilize Breaker Box

Familiarize yourself with your home's electrical box before you need to restore power to a tripped circuit. If you are doing electrical work and need to cut power to an area, be absolutely certain you have flipped the proper switch. Don't trust old labels or marks from previous owners. 

 4. Clean Refrigerator Coils

Coils help cool the air your fridge uses. Over time, these coils gather dust and become less effective, meaning your fridge is working harder than it has to. Cleaning your fridge's coils is the absolute best way to increase the efficiency and life of the appliance. This can be done with a vacuum hose or a bristled brush.

5. Clean Gutters

Debris buildup in gutters will eventually stop water flow, causing the water to pool. Ridding gutters of such debris is a fantastic way to avoid a leaky roof, interior flooding, and massive icicles. The ladder you use will vary depending on the height of your gutters. Gloves are good idea, and it helps to have a scoop to loosen debris.

Bonus tip: Once clean, run water through the gutters with a hose. This will clear out any remaining junk and is a great way to spot leaks.

6. Unclog A Drain

There are numerous ways to unclog a drain: baking soda and vinegar, snakes, toilet plungers, chemicals -- the list goes on. However you choose to unclog your drain, don't wait until you're showering in three inches of water or your kitchen sink wont drain. Take care of the clog when you first notice the issue. This can help you avoid a headache in the future.

7. Weatherstrip

Doors and windows are the perfect place for drafts. Attack this problem with weatherstripping! Weatherstripping can help seal problem areas, letting less outside air in. This will result in a more comfortable home as well as a lower energy bill.


Being a homeowner can feel overwhelming at times, but we are confident that you will learn as you go and be a master in no time! Set yourself up for success by learning what you can and knowing when to call a professional. If you are considering purchasing a home, give us a call! We are always more than happy to answer questions, recommend contractors, and guide you to your goals.


Feb. 19, 2018

7 Affordable Ways to Update Your Kitchen

For so many of us, the kitchen plays a crucial role in our daily lives. It may be safe to say that the kitchen gets more traffic than any other room in the house. It's a busy place, and it isn't just for cooking. A huge amount of life happens in the kitchen, and this is why we think it should be a place you love. You don't have to entirely overhaul your kitchen to transform it. Small changes here and there can go a long way, and they don't have to empty your savings. Check out some of our favorite ways to update your kitchen on a budget.


1. Deep Clean

Get out the gloves, sponges, buckets, and mops! Cleaning your kitchen is one of the best ways to give it a fresh look. Wipe down everything: the ceiling, counters, walls, and floors. Cleaning appliances will not only make the kitchen shine, but it will also increase their longevity. Be sure to take safety precautions and check appliance manuals before cleaning.

Once the kitchen is clean, try mixing things up! Rearranging a room is a fast and fun way to bring in new life. Move the dining table, shift the microwave, or clear the counter tops. Try out more than one thing. Once you find the right setup, you will know.

 2. Paint

Paint the walls. Paint the cabinets. Paint something! Painting is an absolutely fantastic way to transform any space. The necessary supplies shouldn't be too costly, and it can be done in a day. Find a color scheme you like and go for it! Pro tip: For a consistent color, box the paint before getting started.

Another fun option for walls is beadboard paneling. It is generally affordable and instantly adds charm to the room. Get the best of both worlds (paint and beadboard paneling) by creating a beadboard wainscot! Install the paneling on the bottom half of the wall and paint the top half.

 3. Add Open-Face Shelving

Turning a cabinet into open-face shelving can be a fun weekend project that will bring a modern look to your kitchen. Choose a cupboard in a place that would make sense to have shelving -- somewhere you may want to display fine china, ceramic pieces, cookbooks, or potted plants. For added flair, paint the back wall of the cabinet an accent color or cover it in fun wallpaper.

4. Replace Faucet

Installing a new faucet can be done in less than an hour, and it can go a long way to improve the look of your entire kitchen. While you're at it, take an SOS Pad to your sink. You will want the sink to shine just like your fancy new faucet!



5. Update Hardware

Switch out old cabinet knobs for new ones. Before heading to the store and purchasing the ones you like, take a look at the holes already in your cabinets to ensure you buy something that will fit. You may be surprised by how much this can update the feel of the entire kitchen. Replacing outlet covers and light fixtures can have the same refreshing affect.

6. Install New Backsplash

The purpose of your backsplash is to protect the wall from water. Because it typically covers a large area of space, updating your backsplash can have a huge impact on the look of your entire kitchen. With the right tools and a little work, your kitchen can be absolutely transformed!

7. Upgrade Countertops

Purchasing new counters for your kitchen will enhance the room immensely. That being said, it does not always feel like the most affordable option. The less costly materials such as laminate may not seem favorable, but you should do your research before ruling them out. Just like other materials, they have their pros. We think this guide offers a great breakdown of each option as well as average pricing for each. Upgrading your countertops doesn't have to empty your wallet. There are more economical options that you may just fall in love with!


Try one of these tips or try them all! Updating your kitchen can be done a little at a time, and we think each step will make you just as happy as the last. Remember that small changes can have a large impact on your entire kitchen. Mix it up, try new things, and figure out what works best for your space. If you are looking for contractors or designers, don't hesitate to give us a call. We are always more than happy to answer questions, provide recommendations, and help in any way we can!



Feb. 16, 2018

5 Ways to Make Moving in the Winter a Breeze

In real estate, there is a certain stigma attached to buying, selling, and moving in the winter. However, moving in the heart of winter, while it may not sound appealing, is not all bad! It is actually quite doable and, just like summer, has its perks. Truck and trailer rentals tend to be less costly and more available in the winter months. Moving companies and contractors are also a bit easier to schedule when temperatures are low and business is slow. While it can be daunting, relocating in the winter is nothing to lose sleep over. Read on for some pro tips and tricks to make your winter move a breeze!


1. Set up Utilities

Put transferring utility services into your name at the top of your to-do list. You don't want to get to your new house with all your helpers and open the door to a dark, frigid home. Even worse, you don't want to spend the first night of your home without heat or power. Most companies will let you schedule service start dates. Plan ahead as much as possible to make moving day easier.


2. Prep Both Homes

If snow and ice are an issue, get out there and shovel before you start moving. Clear walkways to both the old home and the new home. Floor protection tape can be purchased online and at most hardware stores. It is an awesome tool for protecting your floor from water and debris. Create a pathway to each room with it. Do not leave one single thing to pack on moving day. Have everything 100% ready to go. To make things even easier, have everything in the old home ready to go by the door so you can just grab and load!

Bonus Tip: If snow or rain is expected and time allows, consider fashioning a shelter over the path inside. Tarps and moisture-proof canopies are perfect for keeping your movers and their path dry(ish).

3. Have Towels Handy

If it begins storming mid-move, make use of old towels or sheets. If you're carrying in an antique dresser (or anything, really!) you can toss a towel or sheet over it to protect it from moister. You may also want to dry your hands or shoes periodically. Tarps can be useful too, if you have an open-bed truck. It may not be glamorous or even ideal, but it really can prevent moisture damage.

4. Protect Electronics and Glass

Exposing electronics and fragile items to extreme colds or temperature changes is not good for their health. Protect fragile items from the cold. Consider packing these things extra carefully and transporting them in a car rather than truck bed or trailer. In addition, be sure to move these breakable items inside first.

5. Show Your Helpers Love

Wow! Friends who are willing to help you move in the cold of winter are extra special. Show them how grateful! Have gloves, hats, and hand warmers ready for them. It's also not a bad idea to keep some hot chocolate or coffee inside for when they need a break. If you have hired professional movers, you might tip them a little extra to show your appreciation. 

If circumstances call for a winter move, don't panic. As long as you are flexible, prepared, and a little open-minded, you will be more than okay! Stay organized and stay prepared. Most importantly, keep smiling. If you are considering buying, selling, or renting a home in the winter, don't hesitate to give us a call. Our team is always happy to hear from you!


Feb. 15, 2018

Tax Deductions For Landlords



Love the idea of having rental properties but still unsure of how it will affect your taxes? There is good news! There are many tax advantages out there for investors to benefit from. Here are a few of the advantages available to you. Of course, we strongly suggest you always consult a tax professional if you want to seek advice on taking advantage of these benefits.

Depreciation: The IRS allows you to deduct the actual cost basis of the property, the structure (not the land) spread out into equal portions over several years.

Loan Interest/PointsIf you finance the property, mortgage interest to the lender is deductible.

Insurance PremiumsInsurance premiums are deductible.This includes Landlord Liability Insurance,Theft Insurance, and others including Fire/Theft/Flood Insurance.

Property TaxesThe yearly property taxes that you pay are all deductible.

Legal Fees: If you need to hire legal counsel, whether a CPA, Lawyer or Legal Professional, these expenses are all tax-deductible.

Commissions: If you provide a commission as incentive in finding an approved tenant, you can deduct these commissions.

Repairs and Improvements: Repairs are fully deductible while Improvements will likely need to depreciate.

Travel: Whether your rental property is nearby or far away, all mileage expenses are deductible. If it is far away, airfare, hotels, car rentals, and meals can be deducted.

Utilities: If you pay for any of the utilities, these expenses  are deductible. However, if your tenant pays these, you cannot deduct them. 

Advertising: Any paid advertising for finding tenants or placing ads is deductible.

 Property Management/Employees/ContractorsProfessional services like a property manager can be deducted and is highly recommended.


  Casualty and Theft Losses: At least a part of any losses due to damage or destruction from natural disasters can be deducted.


At Solid Rock Realty, we offer the professional services of Property Management to make owing a rental home as passive as possible and with you taking advantage of these exciting tax deductions, you’ll find more time and money to grow your rental portfolio! Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with financial freedom!