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March 4, 2019

Prepping for a Home Inspection

First and foremost, don't panic! If there is an issue within the home, the inspector will most likely find it. The buyers will either ask you to fix it or they wont. You will know once the inspection is complete. There is no need to stress before, during, or even after! That being said, there are ways you can prepare for the inspection. Doing some light prep for the inspection and keeping an open mind are a great way to approach the process. Check out what we recommend below.


1. Clean Home

Having a clean home wont affect the inspection itself, but it's a way to start off on the right foot and set yourself up for success. Put the inspector in a good mood by making their job a little bit easier and sending the message that you take care of your home.


2. De-Clutter Access Points

To make the inspector's job easier, clear entrance to crawl spaces, the attic, and basement. Clean up utility rooms and beneath sinks. Make sure the home inspector can access all major electrical and HVAC systems.


3. Take Care of the Basics

Ensure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working, replace burnt out light bulbs, fix any damaged window screens, and get a fire extinguisher. Make sure all pilot lights are lit and, if you haven't in a while, replace your furnace filter.  It is also wise to trim any trees or bushes hanging over the house and clean gutters.


4. Do a Walk Through

Do a little walk through before the inspection. Check to make sure all doors open, close and lock properly. Tighten any loose locks or doorknobs. Tighten hinges on cabinets to ensure they hang straight and open easily. Check around sinks and toilets to ensure there are no leaks present. If you find leaks or standing water, you will definitely want it fixed prior to the home inspection. While you're at it, make sure all toilets flush properly. If you have a toilet that runs, consider getting it fixed, as it will likely catch the inspector's eye. Replace any worn or damaged weatherstripping. Check that all windows open, close, and lock easily. We don't recommend doing any huge projects here, and this definitely isn't something to stress over


5. Check Fuse Box 

Ensure your fuse box is free of cobwebs and properly labeled. Leaving room for confusion will, if nothing else, waste time and prolong the inspection process.






6. Be Courteous

As a courtesy, leave the home and plan to be gone at least three hours. This can be an emotional time for some, and it is best to give the buyers the privacy they need to discuss anything that comes up. In addition, remove pets, leave behind a garage door opener as well as keys to any outer buildings or storage spaces. Empty the washer, dryer, and dishwasher as the inspector will likely run these.



The home inspection can be nerve-wracking for both parties. No matter how much preparing you do, it is quite likely that something the inspector finds will worry the buyers. Don't stress and try not to over think it. It's all part of the home-selling process. If you have questions about any aspects of the selling process, don't hesitate to give us a call. We are always happy to hear from you!

Oct. 24, 2018

Water: A Home's Worst Enemy

Water has the potential to damage any area of your home. It can cause warping, buckling, expansion, and mold throughout the house. From the roof to the foundation, water can cause devastating damage at an outrageous cost. Fortunately, the are preventative steps you can take to avoid water damage. Continue reading for some tips on how to avoid a water catastrophe in your home!



Shut off Water

If you're going out of town, it is a good idea to shut of the water to your home. This will ensure you don't come home from your happy vacation to a flooded living room. This is especially important when it comes to mold. Mold can begin to grow in as little as twenty-four hours. Mold is a health hazard, and the damage can last much longer than the physical property damage caused by water.

Clean Gutters

This task is huge in preventing water damage. Buildup in gutters can stop water flow, causing water to pool. Clogged gutters can result in leaks, roof damage, flooding, and interior damage. Clean your gutters now to avoid a huge headache later!


Disconnect Hoses

It's wise to disconnect your hoses, especially during the winter months. Any water inside the house has the potential to freeze into the pipe, causing leaks or a totally broken pipe.


Check Before You Plant 

Before planting any trees or bushes, make sure you're not placing them close to any pipes or septic tanks. Once the plants are mature, their roots can burst pipes and sewer lines.


Look At Your Water Bill

An unusually high water bill is a good indication that there is a leak somewhere. These kinds of leaks can go unnoticed for a long time, causing irreversible water damage. If your bill comes in high, check for leaks and make a call to your water provider.


Do Not Ignore - Know The Signs

The most obvious sign of a moister problem is a puddle on the floor or flooded areas. At that point, it is absolutely a good idea to call someone. Other times, it may not be as easy to detect. Keep an eye out for signs of water, and please don't ignore them. They will likely get worse. Any warping, discoloration, wood expansion, and general change in appearance can indicate you have a water problem. Check for leaks and call in a professional. Know where your main shutoff valve is in case of an emergency. Shut the water off before calling for help.


In the event that you come home to a flooded basement or an overflowing bathtub, it is crucial to dry it out immediately. Shop-Vacs are a fantastic water removal tool. Don't stop once you've gotten the majority of the water out though. You want it completely dry. Put every fan you own in the flooded area, open windows if possible, and remove wet belongings. You might call a water restoration company right away to assess the damage. Your goal here is to not only avoid damage to the home, but to eliminate the chances of mold growth. Mold can cause serious health defects, and remediation is costly. If you're unsure, it is always worth calling in professional. Water damage is not worth the risk.

If you find yourself in need of a plumber, roofer, or restoration company, don't hesitate to give us a call. We have worked with many contractors in this city, and we are happy to provide recommendations. If you're looking to buy a home and want to know what to look for and what to expect if an issue arises, our team can help!


Sept. 7, 2018

Dealing with Difficult Neighbors

Introduce yourself

Whether you're new to the neighborhood or the people next to you just moved in, introduce yourself. It may be a turn off or seem odd to some people, but there's a good chance they will be grateful and think it a kind gesture. Even if you don't become friends, being friendly on a regular basis can absolutely help diffuse any future problems.


When any issues arises, the first step is communication. Be careful in how you approach your neighbor. Avoid outright accusations, nasty notes, and assumptions. A face-to-face conversation is not the easiest way to tell your neighbor they're a nuisance, but it's often the most effective. Be sure to present a solution, not a problem. Let them know why you're concerned as well. Don't just tell them they're too loud. Explain to them that you have to get up early for work or have children napping. Whatever the situation, be reasonable and willing to compromise. Always avoid a heated confrontation. Be kind, casual, and pleasant.

Write a Letter

If you are unable to talk to your neighbor, try writing a kind letter. There is so much more room for misinterpretation here, so be careful in how you word your letter. Have a friend or spouse read it to ensure it conveys the proper tone and message. The same rules applies with a letter: do not make accusations and present a solution rather than a problem. End the letter with offering to talk in person even if you'd rather not.

Offer to Help

For the junky house or the eyesore yard, don't assume your neighbor is a lazy bones. Perhaps he or she just had back surgery and is unable to mow their lawn, or maybe they're lacking the proper tools. Offer your lawnmower or your help. If nothing else, it will get them thinking about taking action, especially f you've manage to make your offer in a non-condescending, truly helpful manner.


If communication doesn't solve the problem, check out your city's codes or HOA governing documents. If you live within an HOA, simply contacting the community manager may resolve the problem. Whether you contact your HOA or the local authorities, they are likely to send your neighbor a letter informing them of their violation. It is a good idea to keep a record of all such complaints.

Order a Survey

If it's an issue of property line, offer to split the cost of a survey with your concerned/concerning neighbor.

Take Caution

If there is a harassment issue or any safety concerns, contact the authorities and keep a record of all incidents. Although it may sounds extreme, consider installing a security camera. If ever necessary, you want to be able to present a detailed and accurate record of your dangerous neighbor's actions.






July 27, 2018

Budget-Friendly Living Room Updates

Often times, the living room is the first thing you see when you get home. It's probably safe to say that it is also one of the most used rooms in your house. Updating this area will bring new life into your home while making it an aesthetically pleasing place to live and entertain. As you likely know, updating any room in any house tends to add up quickly. Don't panic! There are many affordable options out there. Check out the tips below and learn how to bring a fresh, stylish look to your living room without breaking the bank!

1. Clean

The key to whipping any room into shape is cleaning -- deep cleaning. Don't stop at dusting and vacuuming. Take it further by removing clutter. Get rid of things you don't use or aren't completely in love with. Avoid using the area for any kind of storage. Ridding the room of unnecessary clutter will not only make the space look bigger, but it will help create a simplified, chic look.  

2. Rearrange

There's nothing as cost-effective as using what you already have! Take a look at your space, and figure out the best way to utilize it. Experiment with furniture to find what setup you like the most. Try pulling furniture away from walls or creating a cozy sitting area. If nothing else, create some change to liven things up.

3. Paint

Painting a room is a quick and fairly easy way to absolutely transform it. For your living room, choose soft, neutral colors or pull a color from something else in the room. If all your throw pillows have a little splash of color you like, tie everything together by painting the walls that color. Though, be careful not to go too dark. Dark walls quickly make a room feel small. If purchasing paint for the whole room is not an option, create an accent wall instead.

4. Add or Alter Lamps

Add a lamp or pair of lamps that will complement the color and theme of the room. If buying lamps doesn't sound so good, consider switching out the shades on existing lamps. Again, choose something that will subtly complement the entire room.





5. Get the Right Drapes

The style and color of your drapes can set the tone of the entire room. Avoid thick, light-blocking materials that will make the room feel smaller. Curtains affect lighting as well as aesthetics, which is why proper installation can make a huge difference. Check out this article for some helpful tips and visuals.

6. Use Accents Pieces

A good accent pillow, throw blanket, or rug can do a lot for a room. This is where you can choose a color or pattern that pops. The key is to avoid mixing colors or patterns that don't work well together.



7. Spruce up the Mantle

A fireplace mantle is a huge focal point in a room. If you have one, spruce it up a bit! Brick mantles can be transformed by a coat of white paint. It will bring in a modern look and help brighten the room. Decorate the mantle with a couple of simple pieces like a vase or set of candles. Just don't place flammable things too close during the winter!

8. Create a Gallery Wall

Making yourself a gallery wall is a fun and stylish way to personalize the room. You can use your favorite photographs, artwork, or get creative with it. To avoid chaos on the wall, use matching frames for each piece. You can even buy frames at a second hand store and paint them all to match. There should be an overall theme or color scheme as well. Check out these awesome gallery walls for inspiration!


Updating your living room is not only an awesome way to liven up your living quarters, but it's also  good way to prep for the market if you plan on selling your home. If you're curious what your home is worth, give us a call or find out for free on our website! We are always happy to hear from you!

July 18, 2018

Annual Summer Events

There's nothing quite like spending time in the sun with family and friends. Lucky for us, there is an abundance of opportunities to get out there an enjoy it! Make this summer extra memorable by attending one or more of the many events this awesome city has to offer. Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas are host to an immense amount of annual festivals, markets, and sporting activities. Below you will find some of our favorites. Take a look through our list and see if there's anything you're itching to be a part of!


Old Colorado City Farmer's Market

Head to Bancroft Park every Saturday for this awesome farmer's market, which runs through October. A wide variety of vendors offer fresh produce, delicious foods, and handmade goods. Head to the park between 7:00am and 1:00pm to join the fun!


Rocky Mountain State Games

Calling all athletes! July 20-22 & 27-29, thousands of athletes will compete in a wide variety of sports. The locations vary, so be sure to check out their website for scheduling details and registration guidelines.

Vino & Notes Woodland Park Wine Festival

August 4th, check out the wine, food, and music! This festival runs 12:00pm - 6:00pm at Bergstrom Park in Woodland Park, CO. Tickets may be purchased here at $35 per person.





Mountain Arts Festival

Woodland Park has so much to offer, including this two day festival featuring artists from across the country! Their booths will be up August 4th & 5th from 10:00am - 4:00pm. Located at Ute Pass Cultural Center in Woodland Park, admission is free.

Woodland Music Series

This free concert series takes place at Woodland Park's Ute Pass Cultural Center and runs through August. The theme changes each month, so head to their website for scheduling details.


Pikes Peak Marathon

August 19-20th, head to the Manitou Springs Barr Trail for this annual, high-elevation marathon! For registration details, click here.

Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off

Perhaps one of Colorado Springs' most colorful events, the Labor Day Lift Off is held annually at Memorial Park. September 1st - 3rd, keep an eye on the sky to see the awesome hot air balloons! Or head to Memorial Park for this free event.



If you're looking for more to see and do, the Visit Colorado Springs website is a fantastic resource. What are some of your favorite things to do in Colorado Springs? Tell us below!


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June 11, 2018

Creative Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

If you're currently living in Colorado Springs, you know it is hot hot hot! There is no denying that it feels like summer has hit early. We're certainly not complaining, but we've looked into some ways in which you may be able to beat the heat and keep cool. Try some of these creative tricks and let us know what works best!

1. Hydrate.

Perhaps the absolute best thing you can do for yourself in the heat is to hydrate. Staying hydrated when you're sweating is key to staying cool and healthy. When you sweat, your body loses water. You need to keep fueling yourself by drinking water. Adding fruit to your meals can help as well. Watermelon is rich in water and a fantastic way to hydrate. Avoid beverages high in caffeine and sugar.


There are a number of do-it-yourself air conditioner options out there. One of our favorites is the simplest: the styrofoam cooler. All you need is a fan, a styrofoam cooler, and some ice packs. Simply cut a whole in the top of the cooler so that you can set your fan upside down on it (without it falling in). Cut additional, smaller holes on one side near the top. The ice packs will chill the air that blows back into your room. Not too shabby!

3. DIY AC Part II

For a similar, even simpler way to cool your living quarters, place bowl of ice water in front of fan. This is the easier version of the above setup. The ice will eventually melt, but it will help cool your room for a while. On a similar note, try wetting sheet and hanging it in an open window. The air coming in will be slightly cooler after it passes through the damp cloth.

4. Shut it Down

Turn off electronics while not in use, avoid using the oven, and hang dry your laundry. All of these things produce heat, and contribute to scorching temperatures inside.



5. Reverse Fans

Switch your ceiling fan from moving clockwise to counterclockwise. In the winter, you want your fan running clockwise at a low speed to move the hot air down. Switch it up in the summer to keep things cool! Turn it on the highest speed and make sure it's running counterclockwise. Pro tip: dust the fan before switching directions. If you don't, be ready for dust to rain down. Something about switching directions causes the chaos. We have also heard that, if it's cooler outside than inside, putting a fan in the window facing outward is a more effective way to cool down your house. We're not sure on this one. Give it a try and report back to us!

6. Cool Your Sheets

Freeze a hot water bottle or some soft gel ice packs, and tuck them under your sheets for a cooler sleeping experience. For the great effect, try to place them near pressures points such as your wrists, back of knees, or neck.

7. Insulate

Insulated curtains will keep the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer, to an extent. Keep them closed during the hottest times of the day, only opening the windows when temperatures have cooled.

8. Spice it Up

Rumor has it that eating hot foods can cool you down. According to this article, eating spicy foods raises the temperature of your body, causing you to sweat, and eventually cool down. We'll let you guys test this one out for us.



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June 11, 2018

Property Management Fees- What to Expect

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Considering renting your personal home or have an investment property in need of a Landlord? If you are like many of us out there that want to invest in Real Estate but do not want to go through the grind of actually being a Landlord, the good news is three is another option. Professional Property Management is a great answer to the age-old question of "How do I build my Real Estate Portfolio without having to manage the day to day tasks or take the 2:00am maintenance calls?" Finding the right Management company is about doing your due diligence and making sure everything they have to offer meets your needs, including the fee structure offered. Pay close attention to the details. As you will see below, there can be many unexpected fees associated with Property Management contracts. Here is a short list to help make you aware of what to expect when shopping Property Management companies. 
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Many times, you will see this as an upfront cost when signing on with a Management firm. These fees can be non-existent or range in price and generally cover new account set up. We do not charge these fees!



The monthly fee associated with Management can vary from company to company. Percentage based fees based on rental income and rent collected are very common. Flat fees for monthly Management are also an option. Check out our fee structure by clicking here.



These are usually presented as a percentage increase in maintenance charges. Always be aware if your Property Manager charges an extra fee on repair invoices. We do not charge these fees!

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In some cases, firms will charge a commission for finding qualified renters, which could easily be upwards of one month’s rent. There are many companies out there charging zero fees to do all the advertising, qualifications and placement. We do not charge these fees!



While property inspections seem like a regular part of Property Management, make sure your firm doesn’t charge extra for this service. Regular inspections, at no additional cost to you, is a mark of a dedicated management team. We do not charge for inspections!



When it’s time to renew a lease, many Managers will find this is a great time to earn a little extra money and collect more fees from Owners. Not all Management companies charge for this service. Our advice, find one that doesn’t. We do not charge for renewals!border-width: 0px; float: center; margin: 3px 9px 3px 9px;


Solid Rock Realty, here in Colorado Springs, is proud to offer professional Property Management services with ZERO additional fees! A low monthly management fee based on a percentage of rent collected fits easily within budgets and business plans to help create long term growth and additional wealth for property owners. We provide great service at a lose cost as well as peace of mind. We make certain that our goals align with yours! 

June 11, 2018

7 Lawn Care Tips

Lawn care can be a tricky thing. Getting soft, green grass seems like a simple feat, but the process can go south pretty quickly. Green grass is definitely attainable, but it may take some patience. Check out some of our basic tips below on how to get your lawn in tiptop shape!

1. Choose Native

If you're starting from scratch and planting grass seed, avoid the exotic. Choose seeds that are native to Colorado. This will ensure that your grass can handle that altitude and climate.

2. Fertilize

Grass needs nutrients to stay healthy and green. Grass can get these from the air and from water, but it's not always enough. Check out this article for a breakdown of grass nutrients, how to test your soil, and what fertilizer is best for you. If you're looking for a quick, organic option, you really can't go wrong with cow manure. When using any fertilizer, be sure not to over apply.

3. Know when to Mow

Mow your grass before it gets too long. Long grass is more likely to experience burns from the sun and shock when mowed. On that note, avoid mowing your lawn in the heat of the day, as it will cause stress on both you and your grass. Avoid cutting your grass when it's wet. This will really just creak a mess of clumped grass and an uneven cut.

4. Alter for Shade

Areas of your lawn that are shaded do not need as much water or fertilizer. A safe bet is to give shaded areas half the amount you give the rest of the yard.


5. Edge It

Edge your lawn to prevent overgrowth and weeds. This small detail will create a clean cut look, immensely upping your home's curb appeal.




6. Aerate Annually

Aerating your lawn is one way to ensure air makes it into your soil, providing your grass with the nutrients it requires. This is a good thing to do about once or twice a year. In Colorado, we have snowy winter in which the grass will go dormant. In that case, it is really not necessary to get out there and aerate.

7. Water When it's Cool

Choose to water in the mornings or evenings when temperatures have cooled. This will help prevent burning your grass, and the water will evaporate more slowly. Try watering for longer periods of time and slightly less often. If your lawn has gotten a deep watering, the water will last all day. Your yard will thank you.


There is not much better than stepping, sans shoes, into soft, green grass. You can have your dream lawn this summer, and now is the perfect time to get started on it! If you feel it is beyond your grasp or you just don't have time, we can always recommend a local landscaping company to help you out. If you're considering selling your home and you would like to spruce up the yard, give us a call today from some free advice and simple recommendations!

May 15, 2018

Colorado Springs Events You Don't Want to Miss

If you're looking for something to do, look no further than the Colorado Springs' event calendar! Below are just a few of the upcoming events this amazing city has to offer. Be sure to check out a handful ofthese. You wont regret it!


Old Colorado City First Friday Artwalk

Check out the amazing art featured the first Friday of every month. First Friday runs April through December, 5:00pm - 8:00pm. This free event takes place on West Colorado Avenue between 23rd and 27th Street.





Territory Days

Head over to the west side May 25th-28th between 10:00am and 6:00pm. Territory days is an annual street festival that runs along Colorado Avenue in Old Colorado City. It is host to nearly 200 booths and offers live music, food, and more. This is a free event.


Meadowgrass Music Festival

This Memorial Day music festival will be held in Black Forest at LaForet Conference & Retreat Center May 25th-27th. This year will feature over 20 bands, beer tasting, food, and family-friendly activities. Get the details here.



Manitou Springs Wine Festival

June 2nd, Memorial Park will be hosting the Manitou Springs Wine Festival between 11:00am - 5:00pm. Taste amazing wines while enjoying live entertainment and a number of vendors. Click here for ticket information.


Top of the World Rodeo

The Cripple Creek Rodeo takes place June 8th - 10th at the Teller County Fairgrounds (501 West Golden Teller County Road 1 Cripple Creek, CO 80813). Go for the rodeo, stay for the dancing, cook-off, and mutton busting! Ticket information is available here.




Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack

Head to the Colorado Springs airport June 16th - 17th between 9:00am - 5:00pm for an action packed day of street car races. Check out their website for details, rules, and ticket information.


Starlight Spectacular

Hosted by the Trails and Open Space Coalition, this bicycle ride takes place June 16th at Garden of the Gods. The ride starts at 9:00pm and ends just before midnight. Grab your bike and check it out! 


Donkey Derby Days

June 22nd - 24th, head to downtown Cripple Creek for this free event. Donkey Derby Days is rich in history, donkies, games, and more!





Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

This annual "Race to the Clouds" takes place the last Sunday in June (this year it falls on June 24th). Check out their website for more details on this motorsport race to the summit of Pikes Peak.


Royal Gorge White Water Festival

June 22nd - 23rd, Centennial Park in Canon City will host this thrilling weekend of amazing water sports, delicious food, unique vendors, and fun for the entire family. The cost is free.


All information gathered from the Visit Colorado Springs website. Check them out for everything you need to know about Colorado Springs!

May 14, 2018

Renters: Loving Your Property Like It’s Their Own

Wondering what your first steps should be in finding ideal renters? Before the applications and the credit/background screenings there’s an important first step in finding renters that will care for your home as if it were their own. Having a positive first impression of the home is a big step towards attracting the best tenants so if you can’t see yourself living there, how can you expect others to want to live there? Many rental homes have the stereotypical look and smell of a rental home so make yours stand out in a positive way by following some tips and suggestions from the Property Management Pros here at Solid Rock Realty.


·      CLEANLINESS     

Overall cleanliness is one of the most important factor when offering a home as a rental. Most prospective renters will take a look at the Kitchen and then the bathrooms to decide if the home is suitable for them. As the heart of the home, the Kitchen should always be extra clean, including the details such as inside appliances and cabinets. Bathrooms should sparkle and be free of mold, mildew, soap scum, and water marks on all surfaces.


·      CLEAN CARPET     

Carpets will not last forever and really should be replaced when wear and tear is evident. If carpets are not in need of replacement they should be professionally cleaned and deodorized to be free of odors and stains. We suggest a professional carpet cleaning at least once a year and always in between tenant move in/outs.


·      FRESH PAINT     

A fresh coat of paint is suggested every few years, depending on wear and tear. You can do this alone but it does pay in the long run to hire a professional. Doing this important shore regularly should keep the costs down and keep the home looking nice and fresh.


·      APPLIANCES     

Fully functioning appliances are important. A lack of maintenance can indicate careless ownership. If the owner doesn’t care, why would the renters? Make sure all the details are attended to such as HVAC, furnaces, water heaters, and plumbing, in addition to the obvious ones like ovens, dishwashers, disposals, refrigerators, washers and dryers.


·      LIGHTING     

Natural light is important and should always be maximized but interior lighting can go a long way to making a rental feel like a home. Above all, make sure all bulbs and fixtures are in good working condition and even consider upgrading to LED bulbs to increase the look, longevity and appeal, especially in those all-important Kitchens and Bathrooms.



First impressions make for subconscious judgement. If you are deferring maintenance on the exterior of your property it shows a lack of caring and renters will feel that. Pay attention to the lawn, flowerbeds, and gutters on all sides of the property. Make sure they are neat, clean and free of overgrowth and debris. Maintain the roof, gutters, pools and of course, the paint work. Make sure all doors and windows open and close with ease and definitely make sure all security features work.