If you're currently living in Colorado Springs, you know it is hot hot hot! There is no denying that it feels like summer has hit early. We're certainly not complaining, but we've looked into some ways in which you may be able to beat the heat and keep cool. Try some of these creative tricks and let us know what works best!

1. Hydrate.

Perhaps the absolute best thing you can do for yourself in the heat is to hydrate. Staying hydrated when you're sweating is key to staying cool and healthy. When you sweat, your body loses water. You need to keep fueling yourself by drinking water. Adding fruit to your meals can help as well. Watermelon is rich in water and a fantastic way to hydrate. Avoid beverages high in caffeine and sugar.


There are a number of do-it-yourself air conditioner options out there. One of our favorites is the simplest: the styrofoam cooler. All you need is a fan, a styrofoam cooler, and some ice packs. Simply cut a whole in the top of the cooler so that you can set your fan upside down on it (without it falling in). Cut additional, smaller holes on one side near the top. The ice packs will chill the air that blows back into your room. Not too shabby!

3. DIY AC Part II

For a similar, even simpler way to cool your living quarters, place bowl of ice water in front of fan. This is the easier version of the above setup. The ice will eventually melt, but it will help cool your room for a while. On a similar note, try wetting sheet and hanging it in an open window. The air coming in will be slightly cooler after it passes through the damp cloth.

4. Shut it Down

Turn off electronics while not in use, avoid using the oven, and hang dry your laundry. All of these things produce heat, and contribute to scorching temperatures inside.



5. Reverse Fans

Switch your ceiling fan from moving clockwise to counterclockwise. In the winter, you want your fan running clockwise at a low speed to move the hot air down. Switch it up in the summer to keep things cool! Turn it on the highest speed and make sure it's running counterclockwise. Pro tip: dust the fan before switching directions. If you don't, be ready for dust to rain down. Something about switching directions causes the chaos. We have also heard that, if it's cooler outside than inside, putting a fan in the window facing outward is a more effective way to cool down your house. We're not sure on this one. Give it a try and report back to us!

6. Cool Your Sheets

Freeze a hot water bottle or some soft gel ice packs, and tuck them under your sheets for a cooler sleeping experience. For the great effect, try to place them near pressures points such as your wrists, back of knees, or neck.

7. Insulate

Insulated curtains will keep the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer, to an extent. Keep them closed during the hottest times of the day, only opening the windows when temperatures have cooled.

8. Spice it Up

Rumor has it that eating hot foods can cool you down. According to this article, eating spicy foods raises the temperature of your body, causing you to sweat, and eventually cool down. We'll let you guys test this one out for us.