Lawn care can be a tricky thing. Getting soft, green grass seems like a simple feat, but the process can go south pretty quickly. Green grass is definitely attainable, but it may take some patience. Check out some of our basic tips below on how to get your lawn in tiptop shape!

1. Choose Native

If you're starting from scratch and planting grass seed, avoid the exotic. Choose seeds that are native to Colorado. This will ensure that your grass can handle that altitude and climate.

2. Fertilize

Grass needs nutrients to stay healthy and green. Grass can get these from the air and from water, but it's not always enough. Check out this article for a breakdown of grass nutrients, how to test your soil, and what fertilizer is best for you. If you're looking for a quick, organic option, you really can't go wrong with cow manure. When using any fertilizer, be sure not to over apply.

3. Know when to Mow

Mow your grass before it gets too long. Long grass is more likely to experience burns from the sun and shock when mowed. On that note, avoid mowing your lawn in the heat of the day, as it will cause stress on both you and your grass. Avoid cutting your grass when it's wet. This will really just creak a mess of clumped grass and an uneven cut.

4. Alter for Shade

Areas of your lawn that are shaded do not need as much water or fertilizer. A safe bet is to give shaded areas half the amount you give the rest of the yard.


5. Edge It

Edge your lawn to prevent overgrowth and weeds. This small detail will create a clean cut look, immensely upping your home's curb appeal.




6. Aerate Annually

Aerating your lawn is one way to ensure air makes it into your soil, providing your grass with the nutrients it requires. This is a good thing to do about once or twice a year. In Colorado, we have snowy winter in which the grass will go dormant. In that case, it is really not necessary to get out there and aerate.

7. Water When it's Cool

Choose to water in the mornings or evenings when temperatures have cooled. This will help prevent burning your grass, and the water will evaporate more slowly. Try watering for longer periods of time and slightly less often. If your lawn has gotten a deep watering, the water will last all day. Your yard will thank you.


There is not much better than stepping, sans shoes, into soft, green grass. You can have your dream lawn this summer, and now is the perfect time to get started on it! If you feel it is beyond your grasp or you just don't have time, we can always recommend a local landscaping company to help you out. If you're considering selling your home and you would like to spruce up the yard, give us a call today from some free advice and simple recommendations!