Fall is officially here. To so many, the season means donning cozy outerwear, boots, costumes, and experiencing that magical first snow. To a likely smaller group, the onset of fall means it is time to winterize. Homeowners who take the time to prep their homes for the winter cut costs, keep warm, and prevent damage.


The process of winterizing a home in Colorado Springs may seem daunting and expensive, but it can be straightforward and done on a budget. Take a look below at the winterization tips we have chosen as the most effective and affordable steps toward having your home winter-ready come January.

1.   Replace Furnace Filters

Replacing dirty or old filters is crucial to upkeep of your furnace. Furnace filters that are clogged with dander and dust particles will not only slow airflow, but it will force your heating system to work harder. In the end, you will be paying more to heat your home and, little by little, shortening the life of your furnace. Note that it is recommended to have your furnace serviced annually by an HVAC technician. This will help increase furnace longevity.

2.    Clean Gutters

This simple task is huge in preventing winter water damage. Buildup in gutters will eventually stop water flow, causing water to pool. This doesn’t just mean more icicles. Clogged gutters can result in leaks, flooding, and interior damage.


3.    Prevent Drafts

Keep warm air in your home whiling preventing cold drafts from coming in. Draft prevention can be costly, but there are alternatives to purchasing storm windows and new doors. Weatherstripping your windows and doors will help seal your home and keep it cozy. For and even less extravagant fix, consider installing plastic over the outside of windows and using door snakes to minimize drafts. 

4.    Reverse Fans

Most ceiling fans have a switch that will change the direction of the blades. Hot air rises. In the winter, fan blades should be moving clockwise to pull that hot air down from the ceiling. This will not only help keep the house toasty, but it will also mean less work for your heating system and more money in your wallet.

5.    Trim Trees

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Look for any tree branches hanging too closely to your home or driveway. When the branches grow heavy from ice or snow, this will prevent them from damaging your property and costing you a lot of money.  


With these five tips, you can head into winter with confidence! If you find yourself feeling less handy, contact one of our Realtors for advice and service provider recommendations. We are happy to help!