Often times, buyers have a difficult time picturing themselves in your home. It can be just as hard to look passed vacant space as it is to look beyond stacks of boxes. Home staging is a way of appealing to buyers and showing off your home’s potential. Statistics show staged homes are more attractive to most prospective buyers. There are a number of local designers available for hire, but there also steps you can be taking yourself. If you are planning on staging your entire home, you may as well start where the buyer will start: the front porch.

1. Clean It Up

Your first step should be getting it the porch tidied up. If you’ve been using your porch for extra storage, it may be time to remove items cluttering the area. Sweep away leaves, cobwebs, and dust. If you have access to a pressure washer, it can be a fantastic starting point. Once cleaned up, take the time each week to make sure things are still in order.

2. Use Color

Make your house stand out by adding color to the front porch. If time allows, a fresh coat of paint on the front door is a sure way to make your house pop! Choose a bold color to attract buyers. You can also throw in color with flowers, patio furniture pillows, or an outdoor rug. Bright colors may not be as attractive on the inside of your home, but they can do wonders for the front porch.

3. Buy Plants

Potted plants and flowers can be used to add color as well as symmetry. It is said that we are naturally attracted to symmetry, which is why it is a great tool in staging. If you find a plant you like, consider getting two and placing one on each side of the door. If room does not allow, you can fill corners with or even hang plants. Make sure they are watered and kept alive. Dead plants may defeat the purpose.

4. Swap Out Address Numbers

New address numbers will not only make your home easier to find, but it will immensely increase the look of the porch. Get rid of faded or rusted numbers, and install something that will spruce things up.

5. Replace Welcome Mat

A new door mat will add to the appeal of your entryway. Choose something that matches the theme of your porch. Note that simplicity in design can go a long way here.

6. Update Light Fixtures

Modern light fixtures will enhance the look of the entire porch. Choose something that matches or complements your door to tie things together. Keep the fixture cobweb free and turn the light on for showings.

7. Add Seating

When choosing furniture, be aware of how much space you have to work with. You don’t want to create a crowded atmosphere with too many chairs or a table that’s too large. If you’re working with a small space, adding a single rocking or wicker chair can be enough. If you have the room to add more, go for it!

8. Know Your View

If your porch offers an astounding view, do not block it! If, on the other hand, the view next door is less than pleasing, take measures to distract from it. Blinds, shutters, or hanging plants can ensure buyers are not distracted from your home while creating a cozy, private feel.

Your front porch is typically the first thing buyers see. You want it to be inviting and polished. If done well, your front porch can get buyers even more excited to see the inside. For more on improving the exterior of your home, check out our previous blog on curb appeal. For staging ideas or recommendations, give us a call. Keep an eye on our blog as well, as we will be posting more staging tips!