Looking for ways to save money during the Spring and Summer months? Look no further! Here you'll find several ways to beat the heat and not break the bank. Solid Rock Realty cares about saving you money and conserving resources


  • Use your windows to allow cool air in and keep the heat out. 
  • Turn off your A/C and open windows while sleeping if you live in a cool climate where it cools off at night
  • In the morning make sure and shut the windows and blinds to capture the nice cool air





Programable Thermostats

  • Set thermostat as high as possible and save up to 10% per year on heating and cooling costs
  • Use a programable thermostat to save on costs while away

Energy Star Appliances

  • Switch to Energy Star appliances and save nearly $750 over the appliance's lifetime
  • Some Energy Star appliances qualify for rebates with your local energy provider so check with them for savings!











Energy Saving Lighting

  • Replacing even 5 of your homes most used lights could save up to $75 a year
  • These long lasting options means less bulb changes, saving even more

Hire a Professional

  • Check and replace air filters regularly and arrange for annual maintenance with a qualified technician
  • Consult a home performance contractor or local utilities for an Energy Audit to see where else you could be making your home more efficient