For so many, this magical month is filled with festivities and tradition. Perhaps one of the most loved Christmas traditions is decorating for the season. When it comes to decorating, there are a few noteworthy tools that, if used, can really help out. As a homeowner or renter, there are things you should know before decking your halls. Nails, screws, tape, and more can cause lasting damage to your home. Below are some great tips for going all-out at Christmas without causing damage.

1. Command Products

Avoid harming walls with nails and tape by using Command Strips and Hooks. These stick-on products come off easily and leave no residue behind. Poster putty is also a good alternative to putting holes in walls.

2. Brick Clips & Hangers

If you have brick siding or a brick fireplace mantle, you know how hard it can be to hang anything off of it. It is important not to nail or screw into brick, as it can cause permanent damage. Brick clips simply snap onto bricks and allow you to hang things off the clip. They are small, easy to install, and some can hold up to 25 pounds. These types of hangers can be purchased at most hardware stores.

3. Quality Tree Stand

When setting up your tree, be sure the tree stand is balanced and not wobbling. If your decorated tree falls, there is huge potential for damage of all kinds, not to mention it becomes a fire hazard. Most stores sell weighted tree stands that will keep your tree in place. If you have an older tree stand and do not want to replace it, you can discretely place sandbags on the legs to help ensure it doesn’t tip. Bonus tip: keep your tree well- watered to lessen fallen needles and fire danger.

4. Light Clips

Light clips are a fantastic way to avoid damaging the exterior of your home, and they make hanging lights easier than ever. Even if using clips, take caution when hanging lights along the roof. Be sure you do not pull up or put holes in shingles. Damaged shingles will let moisture in, immensely increasing the chances of water damage and mold.

5. Chimney

Keep decorations away from chimney. If you live in Colorado Springs, you know that the wind can pick up quickly. Make sure decorations, inflatable ones in particular, are secured and kept away from the chimney.

6. Gutters

Hanging lights and other decorations off of gutters is pretty much standard practice at Christmastime. The key here is moderation. Be extra careful not to add too much weight to your gutters. Any damage to gutters will increase the potential for future water problems, especially if that damage goes undetected for a period of time.

7. Decoration Removal

Patience is crucial. As tempting as it is to tear down lights with a quick pull, doing so can cause damage to your roof, gutters, and siding. Removing decorations should be done with the same amount of care as hanging decorations.

Now that you’re prepared, go crazy with those decorations! Comment below and tell us what some of your favorite Christmas traditions are. Our team loves hearing from you!