Dryer sheets were created for the purpose of taking the clingy static out of clothes while freshening them up. We have since learned that the science behind dryer sheets, their texture, and pleasant fragrance make them much more useful than the average laundry instrument. There are a myriad of uses for the powerful little sheets, some more practical than others. Check out some of our favorite alternative uses below. The best part about these tips, is that they will work even after running the sheet through the dryer!


1. Remove Pet Hair

The abrasive texture and static reducing qualities of dryer sheets make them perfect for getting pet hair off of clothing and furniture. Pet hair clings to dryer sheets, picking it all up in a couple of wipes.



2. Clean Dishes

If you have some pots and pans with particularly stuck on food, soak them in the sink with a couple of dryer sheets. You will find them much easier to clean the next day. The same trick can be used on oven and grill racks. Soak them in the bathtub overnight. Toss in a handful of dryer sheets and add some dish soap to the concoction. When you remove the racks, they should wipe clean and rinse much more easily than without the dryer sheet soak.

3. Dust Electronics

Dusting sometimes feels more like moving dust than removing it, especially on electronics. Clean your tv, laptop, and ipad screens with a dryer sheet for a noticeably better result. 



4. Add Freshness / Debug

The pleasing scent and thin material of dryer sheets deem them the perfect, and possibly most diverse, air freshener. "Air freshener" may not be the best term, as the freshening possibilities go much further. Stash dryer sheets in shoes, closets, sleeping bags, and just about anywhere else to amp up the freshness. Not only will these things smell better, but bugs are a lot less likely to find a home near dryer sheets.

5. Sharpen Scissors

Don't throw your dull scissors out the door just yet! Instead, sharpen their blades by cutting up a dryer sheet.



6. Polish Household Items

Wipe down stainless steel appliances, faucets, toilet bowels, and the like with dryer sheets. The sheets will remove water spots and add a lovely shine.

7. Mop

In lieu of buying Swiffer refills, fix a dryer sheet to the end of your mop and never look back!




8. Remove Deodorant Stains

It seems dryer sheets have made the impossible task possible. A few wipes and deodorant comes off clothing without a trace!

9. Clean Blinds

Use a dryer sheet to dust your home's blinds. Attach it with a rubber band, and you have yourself the perfect blind-cleaning tool.





10. Tame Hair

Run a dryer sheet along the top layer of your hair to help eliminate fly away hairs and unwanted static.


Give some of these a try, and let us know how it worked out! If you've discovered some creative ways to use dryer sheets, comments below and share your tricks!