Even the largest of homes can feel cramped every once in a while. Getting rid of things is one way to decrease clutter and increase your living area, but there are other options, too! Try getting creative to maximize your home’s potential. Use your space wisely to enhance the comfort level and functionality of your home.

1.    Storage Bed

Beds with built-in storage are a brilliant way to increase bedroom space. Many different styles of these beds are available in furniture stores and online. Some incorporate cubbies or drawers, and some lift your bed in order to free up the space beneath. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even build your own!

2.    Double Closet Bar

Double your hanging space by adding a second closet bar below the original one. You can purchase double hanging closet rods, or you can install a tension rod at the desired height.

 3.    Corner Closet

Similarly, we suggest making the most of space that often goes unused. Install a pipe or tension rod in the corner of your room for extra hanging space.

4.    Extra Shelving

Take advantage of bare walls by installing shelving. Corner shelves are a fun and practical way to create additional space. A shelf above the closet can work well for storing extra blankets or other winter items. Shelving can be installed 9-12 inches below the ceiling for extra storage without cluttering the walls – perfect for storing books, games, or movies. You can even add small shelves to the sides of cabinets for extra kitchen storage.

5.    Hooks & Magnets

Hooks are great for saving space! Hang your keys, hats, scarves, jackets, and more. Get creative with it and put hooks under your kitchen cabinets for coffee mugs or measuring spoons. You can also install hooks on the outside of cabinets for hanging kitchen utensils. You can do the same on the inside of cabinet doors to give yourself some extra hidden storage. Magnets work great for this too!

6.    Hanging Closet

Solve your small closet troubles with a hanging closet. These innovative storage solutions essentially just hang from the ceiling, taking up no floor space. You can install a hanging closet by putting screws directly into the ceiling or by stringing rope, wire, or chain through a pipe and hang it from the ceiling. Copper pipes are great for this. PVC piping works well too, and you can paint it to match your décor!

7.    Cubbies

Cubbies are an aesthetically pleasing way to get organized make good use of space. Freestanding cubbies are awesome, but may not be for you if you’re lacking floor space. Mountable cubbies, or box shelves, can be installed under cabinets, in closets, or along any open wall for added storage space.

8.    Slide-Out Pantry

If you have a few inches between your fridge and the wall or counter, put that space to use! Make a slide-out pantry to store spices and canned foods. This will free up your cabinets for storing dishes, pots, pans, and more!

Try a few of these tricks to make the most of your space. If that doesn’t do it for you and you are looking to upsize or downsize, call us today! We can help you find your dream home.