This is the second post in a series of blogs providing home staging tips. Home staging is a way of maximizing your home's potential while making it more attractive to buyers. Additionally, it makes it easier for buyers to picture themselves in your home. Statistics show that staged homes often spend less time on the market and are more appealing to most buyers. Continue reading for ways to prepare your living room for potential buyers!

1. Remove Clutter

If you're still living in your home, you will likely be keeping larger furniture pieces around during the process. These are the pieces you will want to work around. Remove as many other items from your living room as you can while still feeling comfortable with the result. It is best to take down family photos, store knickknacks, minimize items on built-in shelving, and remove smaller furniture pieces. The goal here is to show off as much of your living room as possible. This will help buyers see your home rather than just the things inside of it.

2. Furniture & Seating

Ideally, the larger furniture that you have chosen to keep in the room will consist of a sofa, coffee table, an accent chair or two, and possibly an end table. Play around with different ways to arrange these pieces. Don't be afraid to group the furniture in the center of the living room! Try to set it up in a way that creates obvious traffic flow as well as a cozy conversation area.

3. Accent Pieces

If you have a larger living room, you can put accent pieces to great use! Consider filling extra space with small furniture to draw positive attention to it. A small chair next to an accent table is a great combination. Place a small plant or vase on the table, and you have created a lovely sitting area. If you don't have an accent chair and don't want to buy one, you can create the same vibe by placing a small dining room table or writing desk against the wall. Place buffer lamps or a couple of small plants on either side of the table. The symmetry will draw attention to the extra space. This trick works great for large hallways, too!

4. Art

Don't clutter or cover the walls entirely, but hang art! Adding some art to the living room will complete the staged look. Avoid hanging it in a straight line across the room. Instead, get creative with placement. Symmetry is an awesome tool, but don't get too stuck on it here. Pieces of the same size or similar design can be grouped together on the wall or hung below one another. As long as you create a simple, balanced look, adding art will brighten up any space.

5. Lighting

Open up drapes and show off your windows! Nothing beats the warm look of natural lighting. You want as much light coming in as possible. If you're living room is lacking in natural light sources, bring in a lamp. The conversation area you created earlier is the perfect place for a stand-alone light source. An end table with a lamp can easily replace an accent chair or plant and work just as well to provide that comfortable look.

Staging is a great way to prepare your home for showings. Be sure to keep your home clean to help with each showing. If you are feeling overwhelmed by prepping for the market, talk to a local expert about what it takes to sell! Our team is available to offer suggestions and answer questions. We want you feeling confident when you list your home!