With the gorgeous sunshine we've been getting, there is absolutely no denying that spring has sprung! It's even starting to feel like summer out there, and we are not mad about it. These warms seasons make for an abundance of sunshine and precious outdoor play. Check out the tips below to spruce up your patio and have it summer-ready in no time!



1. Add Curtains

This may sound odd, but adding curtains to your patio will create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space to gather. If you have a covered patio or a place to install them, hang curtains with a bold pattern. Don't shy away from the more daring colors and prints. Summer is the time of year for color!

2. Add a Coffee Table

Patio furniture, as lovely as it is, can be quite expensive. Taking a DIY approach to this is a fun and inexpensive way to spruce up your outdoor eating and drinking area. Shop around second-hand stores for a used coffee table, sand it down, and throw a fresh coat of paint on it. Choose a color that will complement both the season and any furniture already on your patio.

3. Hang Lights

Lights are perhaps the fastest way to liven up your patio! Hang a set of lights around the seating area, and you'll be ready to grill into the evening!


4. Install a Fire Pit

Nothing says summer like sitting around a fire with friends. There are a variety of patio-friendly fire pits available for purchase at most hardware stores. If you have the time and are feeling crafty, consider building your own pit. Before striking the match, take note of current city regulations regarding burning.

5. Show off Potted Plants

Get yourself in the summer mood with outdoor plants! Put out a variety of potted plants. You really can't go wrong here! Having different breeds and sizes will make things interesting and awe your guests. Consider making use of brightly colored pots. The splash of color will make your patio pop!


Remember that, when prepping your patio for summer use, you can't over clean it. Remove all signs of winter, storm debris, and tools. Once you have it looking spiffy, keep it swept and ready for action! If you're considering selling your home this spring, sprucing up the patio is a great way to prep for the market. If you find yourself wondering what your home is worth, check out our free property valuation page or give us a call!