Unfortunately, theft is something we are sometimes forced to think about. Of course, material things can be replaced or even gone without, but that doesn't always make us feel better. The emotional aspect is sometimes worse than the loss. Knowing someone broke into your home and helped themselves to your belongings is a shocking violation of privacy. It can be hard to shake. Perhaps the worst thing a burglar can take from you is your peace of mind. Protect your peace of mind by protecting your home. There are a number of ways to amp up home security, many of which are surprisingly affordable! Read through the tips below to find out how to start deterring and preventing theft.


1. Wireless Alarms

Battery operated alarms are a great deterrent when it comes to theft. They by no means detect breaking glass or alert the authorities, but they do create a loud sound that is likely to send a burglar running. These types of alarms are inexpensive, easy to install, and can be found at most hardware stores. Install them on doors and windows to add a little extra security. When the window or door is opened, the alarm will sound. On a similar note, leaving the radio on while you're out is not a bad idea. If they think there is a chance someone is home, a thief is more apt to move on.

2. Motion Detector Lights

Install motion detecting lights to shine a light on any potential hiding spots. If a thief is attempting a break in and they set off a light, they are likely to flee. If wiring is an issue, check out solar-powered options.

3. Hidden Goods

When you're not home, keep your curtains closed. Don't temp potential thieves by showing off your valuables. Avoid putting computers, tv's, and the like directly in front of windows. On that same note, if you have recently purchased an expensive new toy, wait until trash day to throw the boxes out. Don't advertise to anyone outside what you have inside your home.

4. Patio Door Locks

The locks on sliding glass doors are somewhat easy to break. A common fix is to place a hearty stick or broom handle in the track. While this does usually do the trick, it's not always the most favorable option. If you don't like the look of the stick or like having to remove it each time you go out, check out patio door locks. They install on the track and lock the door in place.

5. Garage Door Openers

These handy little devices are an easy way into your home, especially since so many of us don't lock the door from the garage to the house. To err on the side of caution, avoid leaving your garage opener in your car. If someone breaks into your car and grabs it, they can easily find your home address on the car registration. It's not worth the risk. Consider keeping it with you or getting a key chain version.

6. Security Mailboxes

Security mailboxes are awesome! Mail can be dropped in but cannot be accessed without a key. It's as simple as that!


7. Hidden Spare Keys

Hiding a spare key on your property is risky business. Instead of tucking it under a rock or sticking in a planter, use a lock box. Small lock boxes can be found at most hardware stores or even bought online. Use heavy duty screws to install one on a fence post or on your deck. You'll have a key for emergencies without the risk of a break-in.


 8. Social Media & Vacations

Blowing up social media is a fun way to show your friends and family how much of a blast you're having on vacation. Unless you have a house-sitter, it may be best to have your fun and brag later. Even if you're up on your privacy settings, checking in and hashtagging from far, far away can let a lot of people know you're not home.

8.1 Bonus Vacation Tip

Before you go out of town, turn off all your garage door openers. "Lock" your garage door with a padlock. Simply hang a padlock along the track above one of the rollers. If there's no good place to hang the lock, drill a small hole in the track to loop it through. If someone manages to break in, the lock will stop the door on the track.


9. A Tidy Yard

Keeping a tidy yard certainly enhances your curb appeal; t's also an indication that someone is home daily. If you're going on vacation, ask a friend to mow your lawn or sweep the walk. Overgrown shrubs and tall grass send a message that you're not home and you haven't been for a while (even if it's not true).


10. Friendly Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors is an awesome way to ensure your home is being looked after. If your friendly neighbor sees someone crouched outside your basement window, they're not likely to ignore it. Introduce yourself to the people in your neighborhood, and have each other's backs. Plus, you never know when you'll need to borrow some milk!


There is no need for constant worry, but occasionally checking your home security systems is a good practice. Anything could deter a thief, and why not do what you can to keep them at bay? Take the steps to protect your home and protect your peace of mind. Comment below and tell us about your favorite security tricks!